Individual & Small Group Training

First Touch Soccer & Fitness offers individual and small-group training. We offer the opportunity for specialized instruction in season and off-season. For training to be effective, we must work on a consistent basis. We require that any individuals or groups commit to a minimum of six one-hour sessions over the course of six weeks. We will coordinate a schedule that is mutually convenient.

We prefer to group players into training pods of six. Sessions focus on technical development. Tactical applications are done through small-sided games. We like to use 3 v 3 formats, thus the placement of players in groups of six.

The benefits of one on one, or small group numbers include:

  1. Concentration and focus of Coach/Trainer's attention to one player and the group
  2. Constant feedback
  3. Sessions specially designed to the specific needs of the player
  4. Ease of communication between player and coach/trainer
  5. Opportunity for proper player development
  6. We generally offer a number of sessions as a package. Sessions are structured to address the needs of the player and a goal or event. Many times players are targeting club tryouts. Sessions include dribbling, passing, receiving, finishing, etc.


Individual: One-hour session- $50

Small Group (2-8) One-hour session- $40 per player 

Team Session (8+) 90 minutes- $30 per player

Questions: Contact Efrain at or 704.913.1966



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