First Touch is proud of all of the players who have worked with us on improving their soccer skills. Check out some of the passionate player and parent testimonials below:



The Matley Family

"Being introduced to club soccer at U11, I was worried that our daughter would not be able to catch up with other children in her age group. First Touch has given her the skills and confidence to improve herself and continue to excel. Anytime that we are not able to attend a session with Efrain, she is extremely disappointed."

"Two of our children have trained with First Touch Soccer and each has learned sportsmanship, technical skills, and soccer knowledge that enabled them to compete at a higher level. I feel that both of them have also learned life skills that will make them better teammates both on and off the field."- Ron Matley


The Almond Family

"I have trained with Efrain for close to 4 years. His spring and summer camps are great weeks. It is high intensity soccer for 8 hours a day. Efrain makes it hard but fun. I always look forward to the next session." - Preston Almond

"I have been coached and trained by Efrain since I was 10. He has become my mentor. He took a small group of us to Tauichi Academy in Bolivia, what a trip! I am a part of a U16 Premier team and the NC ODP team, without Efrain I don't feel I would have been this successful." - Turner Almond

"Efrain's footprint will go with my children throughout life."

"Efrain has trained both my sons for the last 5 years. His youth development ideals are built on the fundamentals ALL parents look for. Efrain's training sessions don't just demand soccer skills they demand life skills. He teaches respect for the game and respect for all others on the pitch. Efrain's footprint will go with my children throughout life." - Skip Almond



The Beaty Family

"I have really enjoyed the opportunity to be part of the training that First Touch offers. You get so much more than drills, you get an instructor that believes in you and works with you in so many ways. His instruction allows you to achieve your goals and so much more!" - Zach Beaty

"As a parent of a player who loves the game… it is so wonderful to see how Efrain can motivate your child, educate the player on all facets of the game. He instills the players to build from their character and commitment to the sport and life itself! We love the First Touch program and look forward to the upcoming training events!" - Dena Beaty



The Brentlinger Family

"I have trained with Efrain for 4 years and my level of play has increased tremendously. I believe Efrain’s training has really helped me become a confident player. Efrain makes me work hard but he also

"When I go onto the field and apply what he has taught me, I am always a winner."

makes training fun. I always try to remember the six C’s that he taught me: confidence, competence, character, courage, commitment and conviction. When I go onto the field and apply what he has taught me, I am always a winner."- Ryan Brentlinger

"Efrain is an outstanding teacher of the game and shows patience with his players. He is willing to train in a group or individual setting. We would highly recommend Efrain to any player that wants to improve their soccer skills." - Reed & Debbie Brentlinger




The Dixon Family

"I always love to go to First Touch. We have a lot of fun learning skills and then playing games and meeting new people from all around. It always seems to be a long day, but actually the days go by fast and I wish we could keep on training. Efrain is a wonderful trainer and coach -- he is an expert on the game of soccer. Thanks Efrain for all you have helped me with in soccer in the last several years." - Charles Dixon

"First Touch is a great camp. I always enjoy going because Efrain always has something new to offer and teach us. He makes everything fun, but the best part is playing the games in the afternoon and winning the prizes which might include lunch for the next day or soccer balls/bags and you always receive a First Touch t-shirt. I have not only attended First Touch Soccer Camps for years, but I have been coached by Efrain and he is an excellent coach and knows so much about soccer. He is the best! I would highly recommend this camp to anyone that loves soccer and wants to improve their techniques." - Andrew Dixon



The McCarter Family

"Efrain makes skills training fun! I like the small sided matches that we play at the end of training. I have learned a lot from training with First Touch." - Mason McCarter

"During summer, I like First Touch because it keeps us in shape and helps us improve our technique. Efrain makes soccer training fun but also helps us to be serious about being a better soccer player." - Matthew McCarter

"Our boys have participated in First Touch Training since its beginning. This has been a great learning experience for them. The training they have received has been excellent. The summer program fills a training void, when the club programs are not active." - Bill & Annette McCarter



The McCaul Family

"When I first heard about First Touch Soccer and Fitness, I was extremely impressed with Efrain's credentials. My son's schedule did not allow us to schedule him for that first camp, but I contacted Efrain and asked him to contact us for future events. We received notification about tryout preparation training sessions, and summer training. We took Patrick to a 2-hour tryout preparation to see how Patrick enjoyed First Touch. After that first session, Patrick could not wait for summer training. He said the session was intense, but fun. As a parent, I was extremely impressed with the "Six "C's". Patrick has enjoyed training with First Touch. First Touch has greatly improved his skills and confidence. I believe Patrick will continue to improve his overall soccer skills working with First Touch. We highly recommend First Touch Soccer Fitness and Training." - Karen McCaul







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