Six C's - Our Philosophy

At First Touch Soccer, we believe there are six critical words that start with the letter "C" that help identify the keys to success on the soccer field.



First Touch Soccer through its various teaching modules assists a player in believing in his or her technical ability to succeed in any given system of play or situation.
First Touch Soccer training methodology develops players possession and mastery of the fundamental skills of soccer.
First Touch Soccer focuses on using the game to teach the temperament of a champion on and off field.
First Touch Soccer understands that players are afraid to make mistakes and take chances. We focus on developing the willingness to take calculated risks on the field to overcome the opponent and one's own fear.
First Touch Soccer teaches players that to get truly better and to achieve one's goals they must have an embedded process to make oneself better through a strict disciplined training regiment.
First Touch Soccer through its training and competitive games looks to build the burning desire to be the best and do whatever it takes within legal means to achieve that goal.




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