College Bound Program

First Touch Soccer understands that many players and families are making the investment of time and money to the game of soccer with college in mind. We know that many want to go on and play at the collegiate level and gain access to scholarship dollars.

With that in mind, we have designed a comprehensive program to assist players and families in the realization of that goal. Planning is best started early. We like to start in the player's Freshman year. We provide the player and parents with a large list of schools that fit their criteria. We understand that there will be changes in desired majors and career tracks. It is factored. We work with timelines to ensure that by the time the player has reached their Senior year they can truly enjoy as stress free as possible.

First Touch Soccer's College Bound Player Program provides the following: We sit down with parents and player to establish a profile of both the players academics and athletics.

Identify types of schools that meet players desired major, social environment, and location.

Identify the various levels that a player can reasonably participate in and have a shot at playing successfully. We look for coaching and program stability. It is important to note that the schools identified must meet the academic criteria set out by the player and parents.

College Funding
We work on a consistent basis to educate the player and parents on how college funding works. It is a misconception that everyone is going to get a full ride. We break down the myths so the player and parents are working and negotiating from strength.

Please note: We do not guarantee scholarships. No one can.

Questions: Contact Efrain at or 704.913.1966.

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