Checkout our Affordable Summer Academy

Date Posted: 6/28/2019

At First Touch Soccer & Fitness Training, we strive to offer quality training programs at affordable prices. Our Summer Academy, in its sixteenth year, is as low as $6.10 per hour!  The more you attend, the lower your cost!  It's that simple! 

While our pricing model is a flat-rate approach for the entire summer, the quality of training and the facilities provided are an incredible value!  With First Touch, you also receive training throughout the entire summer - a far better way to stay in shape and improve your technique over one week camps!

Click Here to learn more about our four locations for Summer 2019 - Charlotte, Gastonia, Huntersville & Shelby

Nine years ago we made a price adjustment to the program. We went to a flat rate pricing for the entire program whether one attended the minimum 4 weeks or attended more. Prior to the change we charged more for those that attended more than 4 weeks. Look at the following for a breakdown of the affordability of the program:


Hours Attended Cost Per Hour
36 15.28
54 10.19
90 6.11

In 2018, the average attendance was 6 weeks. When compared to camps and private sessions, the Summer Academy is a very cost effective program. Players have the option to train at any of our training centers at no additional charge. Starting in week 3 until week 10, players can and will attend morning sessions in either Gastonia, Huntersville, or Shelby and then attend evening sessions in Charlotte or Huntersville. The number of contact hours goes up significantly. Many players do attend 12 hours of training per week. Considering that most players have team training for all of 3 hours per week, the First Touch Soccer Summer Academy is truly the Carolina's training gem. REGISTER.