Summer Academy/Coronavirus Message

Date Posted: 4/16/2020

Dear First Touch Soccer patron,

First off, we hope that you and yours are doing well. We recognize that this is a very unique and challenging time. Normally most are on their spring break and looking forward to finishing their Spring seasons strong. Instead, we are all on hold due to the Coronavirus(COVID-19) pandemic.

Secondly, we just want to let you know that we are still planning on having a 2020 Summer Academy. We know that there will be a modified set up to it. Just not sure as to the specifics of it at this time. There are so many unknowns. We will continue to monitor and make adjustments to our Summer Academy program based on the guidance of state, federal, and local health and government authorities.

At this time, information and registration are posted on the website as originally set up prior to the pandemic. We will keep it as is until we get clarity on various factors. The purpose to keep the information as posted at this time is for reference only. We are not looking to get folks to register at this time. We know that there are companies looking to get you to commit to various offerings for summer camps without knowing the true next steps outlined by medical and government authorities.

First Touch Soccer's Summer Academy has been in existence for 17 years. This is not a traditional camp. It was never set up to be a camp. It is designed to assist players develop and prepare to play in a progressive and consistent training format. We are appreciative of the many players and parents that have given us the blessing to work with them. We are hopeful and looking forward to getting back on the field. We will keep you posted as to the changes.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly at 704-913-1966 or via email. Stay positive and safe!


Efrain Tirado