2019 Summer Academy Registration OPEN

Date Posted: 2/11/2019

Registration for the 2019 First Touch Soccer & Fitness Training Summer Academy is open. The Summer Academy is open to Boys and Girls ages 7-18. The Summer Academy runs from May 27 until August 2, 2019. It is a one of a kind program.

The Summer Academy is a program that is entering its fifteenth year. It was developed by Director and Founder Efrain Tirado from his experience working with players at various traditional summer camps. He noticed that players would work hard for a few days and then go home to do little or nothing. There was no reinforcement of the lessons and skills learned during camp week. It would be several weeks before a player would touch a ball in a serious training environment. Even when they did it was only for three hours a week and the focus being on team versus individual skill development.

We have established a strong player development platform. The Summer Academy program has borrowed much from the world famous Tahuichi Soccer Academy located in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. At Tahuichi training blocks of instruction are 3 hours five days a week.

We are asking players to make a minimum of three sessions per week. Players will work 9 hours a week minimum. We ask that players commit to a minimum of four weeks(You choose the weeks. Do not have to be consecutive.). We ask that based on knowing that consistent positive and challenging training will accelerate a players development.

The program is focused on improving the following areas:

Speed, Agility, and Quickness with and without the ball.
Upper and lower body strength.
Technical ability
Decision making

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